Creating Healthy Lives was created to support Transformed Life. Transformed Life, developed by Dan Clark, has been helping hundreds of families and individuals over the past 15 years.

Group classes as well as family and one-on-one coaching sessions have enabled many to experience growth and transformation. Recently, Dan began teaching college students online and the transformations in these students were significant. As a result of this recent work, Dan also aims to reach as deeply as possible into the college age community.

As we became more aware of the importance of access to quality care as a group, we felt it was appropriate and necessary to offer financial support for those who could not afford to pay the full session fees.

Our goal at CHL is to provide access to Dan for as many as possible. We know that there are lots of needs, so we are careful to choose those with the greatest need who are most likely to be successful in working with Dan. We ask that every client who receives help from CHL contribute to their care.

We are open to supporting as many as possible. Your support can help us meet our goal of supporting 100 individuals this year.

Donations can be done right here.

Thank you in advance for supporting those in need of financial assistance as they pursue their personal journey of growth and transformation with Dan as mentor and coach.

Karen Knox – President

3353 Highway 160
Independence KS 67301

[email protected]

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